Full List of Aircon Services in Singapore

We will handle all your aircon services in Singapore. We provide general aircon servicingaircon repairaircon installationaircon chemical servicing and aircon contract servicing

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Why General / Normal Aircon Servicing?

General / Normal Aircon Servicing in Singapore is a crucial part of home aircon cleaning and maintenance in Singapore. Having your home dust & dirt free will provide a comfortable environment for you and your family. Same goes for air conditioning, with regular usage, especially in Singapore, dust & dirt are often trap within the on the filters and fan coil.

Having a cleaned air conditioning will ensure that clean air is being ventilated when using your home aircon.

Why Hire A Aircon Specialist ?

We get that alot as to why you should hire a aircon servicing contractor to help with your home / office aircon servicing. The main difference between us professional servicing compared to home owner is that we do it on a daily basis. We know where the crucial areas to look out for and at the same time, use specialise tools to ensure that we do not damage the fan coil when servicing your aircon.

We value add our services, we will also provide aircon inspection to diagnose any problems that may arise to give our customers an assurance that their aircon will not break down suddenly.

Our Scope Of Work

Clean & Check Air Filter & CoverCheck Bio-pure / Deodorizing Filer
Clean & Check Indoor Cooling CoilFlush Drainage System
Brush & Check Condenser CoilCheck Compressor Suction And Discharge Pressure
Check and Lubricate Motor Bearing (If Necessary)

What Types Of Aircon Can Use This Service?

For our aircon servicing, it is suitable for all types of aircon. We will send our professional aircon servicing technicians down to your place to conduct and thorough inspection and servicing to ensure the aircon system is running at it’s optimal level. It is most necessary for both residential and commercials aircon users.

All Aircon Servicing Comes With 90 Days Workmanship Warranty

Our Normal / General Aircon Servicing Singapore Price

No. of aircon unitsOne time serviceWarranty
1 fan coil units c/w condenser40 nett*90 days workmanship on scope of service only
2 fan coil units c/w condenser55 nett
3 fan coil units c/w condenser70 nett
4 fan coil units c/w condenser85 nett
5 fan coil units c/w condenser100 nett
6 fan coil units c/w condenser118 nett

Aircon Servicing Review

Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee
09:53 06 Aug 18
I seldom engage aircon servicing companies so I did some researched on google. I ask a few companies for quotation for comparison and eventually decided on Chan Brothers as their service attitude and professionalism makes me more comfortable. Their price was not the cheapest but reasonable. Service standards is good! So i nv regret choosing them.
Krystin Bernardez
Krystin Bernardez
07:47 04 Aug 18
Very reliable and reasonably flexible. Quality job. Thank you!
Kara Ali
Kara Ali
09:19 06 Aug 18
Great service. Always friendly and efficient
Flora Santin Andrew
Flora Santin Andrew
03:03 04 Aug 18
Good service, very friendly and reasonable price
pei wen lee
pei wen lee
07:40 03 Aug 18
Shawn Toh
Shawn Toh
06:28 18 Oct 18
I have recently engaged Chan Brother Air-con Servicing Company for the servicing of my air-con units. They are extremely friendly and professional. Prices are very competitive and there is no hidden cost. I would strongly recommend Chan Brothers to those who are looking for a Air-Con Servicing Provider!
David Wong
David Wong
04:39 18 Oct 18
Was quite urgent and called them. Grace was very helpful by advising me what i needed to do since my aircon pipe was leaking water. They came in 45 minutes and fixed my pipe problem. Super impressed by their service!
10:10 17 Oct 18
Super easy online appointment. Fast reply and they will call before come. Fast n efficient. Thumbs up
Annabelle Sumaoy
Annabelle Sumaoy
08:29 20 Oct 18
Excellent service from Mr. Tan and Hui. They provided advice as well on what to do for certain conditions found. Highly recommend their service. Thanks.
yahmai lim
yahmai lim
08:18 25 Sep 18
Brovo , Highly recommended. Very satisfy for their teamwork. Had a pleasant service. Team members are very professional, friendly and good looking 🙂
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